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Dr Todd Ellerin is an MD and specialist of infectious disease. In addition to this, he is a director and vice-chairperson of medicine at South Shore Hospital.

Todd is also an associate physician in Women’s Hospital in Boston and Bringham. In addition to this, he is also an instructor at Harvard Medical School. He also worked as a technical specialist for Ebola, SARS, H1NI, and Coronavirus.

10 Facts About Dr Todd Ellerin

  1. Dr Todd Ellerin is an MD and specialist of infectious disease. His actual date of birth and age are not known. Looking at his pictures he seems to be in his fifties.
  2. Ellerin stands at a tall height. However, his exact height and weight details are not available.
  3. As a doctor no doubt he has earned quite a fortune. However, he has not disclosed his income and net worth yet. But he seems to live a luxurious life.
  4. Ellerin was formerly married. Details about his ex-wife are not available. Currently, he seems to date, Dr. Jen Ashton. Further details about when they are getting married are not available.
  5. Todd is also a father. He has children with his ex-wife. However, details about his children are not available.
  6. Ellerin completed his education from Tufts University School of Medicine. In addition to this, he also got board certification of infectious disease in 2003.
  7. Ellerin was born and raised in the United States of America. He holds the nationality of America.
  8. Dr. Ellerin is the director and vice-chairperson of South Shore Hospital. He also works at Women’s Hospital in Boston.
  9. Dr. Todd has worked as a technical specialist for Ebola, H1NI, and SARS. He is also currently working as a specialist for 2019 n-Coronavirus.
  10. Dr. Todd has Instagram and Twitter but does not seem to be quite active. His Instagram account is private.
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Facts of Todd Ellerin

Name Todd Ellerin
Nationality American
Profession Doctor
Instagram Todd Ellerin
Twitter Todd Ellerin
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