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Quick Facts

Birth Date May 3,2003
Full Name Maceo Williams
Profession Basketball Player
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro American
Birth City Gahanna, Ohio
Birth Country USA
Father Name Marqwyn Williams
Mother Name Ladawn Williams
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Single
Height 200.6 cm
Weight 99.79 kg
Networth 30000
Sibilings Marqwyn Williams II, Marq Williams, and Qwyn Williams
Education Studies at Ashland University
Religion Christianity
Twitter Link Maceo Williams1

Even though Maceo Williams is still in college, the basketball world is taking notice of him. His zodiac sign is Taurus since he was born on May 3, 2003, in Gahanna, Ohio. College athletics are highly esteemed in the US and are seen as the entry point to a lucrative profession. It is highly regarded by many people, particularly basketball enthusiasts, and performing well here gets you drafted into the major leagues. Williams won’t have to wait long to play against some of the greatest basketball players, given the way his career is developing.

How much is the Net worth of Maceo Williams?

Maceo Williams is still a student and juggles both his academic career and his basketball career. Man is not earning as much money as those professional sportsmen because he is not playing in the NBA, which is the main league. According to some accounts, he is worth $30,000.

Maceo Williams2
Maceo Williams Net worth 2023 Via Twitter

If Maceo has a part-time job, he hasn’t mentioned it. The only thing we know about him is his basketball, and basketball does provide some income for Ashland. According to, their basketball team earned $553,442 in revenue.

How many siblings does Maceo Williams have?

Maceo Williams is not the only son of Marqwyn. He is responsible as a father to four children (including Maceo). Marqwyn Williams II, Marq Williams, and Qwyn Williams are Maceo’s three siblings. His siblings all lead tranquil lives. The specifics of their existence, such as where they are now and what they are doing, are therefore kept a secret.

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Education Background

Every day, Maceo presumably fantasizes about competing in the NBA. But, that doesn’t imply that man is not concerned with learning. He is a member of the basketball team at Ashland University, where he is presently a student. In Ohio’s Ashland, it is situated. He only recently enrolled in the institute. In 2021, he joined the AU.

Maceo Williams3
Maceo Williams holding a trophy at Gahanna Lincoln (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

He completed his secondary school education in Lincoln prior to attending college. Also, he played basketball for his high school team, Gahanna Lincoln, therefore you would have surmised that he was the standout at Lincoln. He has also been given a chance at other educational institutions thanks to his basketball skills. On his Twitter, he posted images of himself playing for Joe College and Tiffin University.

Who are the Parents of Maceo?

Maceo is a decent man, and his family may be credited with molding him into the person he is now. His parents are Marqwyn and Ladawn Williams. Ladawn, his mother, favors a tranquil existence. As a result, she is not accessible on social media. Marqwyn, his father, is the complete opposite in this regard. He may be found on Twitter, where he frequently tweets about his children. For Maceo’s eighteenth birthday, his father sent him a photo from when he was a little child. Adding the image to his tweets was:

Happy18th Birthday @MaceWilliams4

Maceo Williams4
Marqwyn Williams with young Maceo Williams (Source: Twitter @MarqwynWilliams)

Marqwyn’s professional life is a mystery because there is no information available. On the other hand, his Twitter allows us to discover more about Maceo’s father. The man is a native of Florida. He is a devout man as well. In addition, he is a vegan, which may surprise some people given how uncommon it is to find a Christian who practices veganism.

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What is the Relationship Status  of Maceo Williams?

Currently, Maceo Williams is not seeing anyone and is concentrating on basketball. This young man doesn’t appear to be planning to enter one. Maceo is a quiet individual who only speaks when necessary on the court.

Maceo Williams5
Maceo Williams in year one at Ashland Eagles (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

Also, Maceo is not on Instagram, so we cannot learn about his life. Although he uses Twitter, all of his tweets are about basketball. It merely demonstrates his current whole concentration on the game and the likelihood that he wants no interruptions in his life. He couldn’t devote all of his time to the court, but that’s not to imply that being in a relationship would make him distracted.

Body Measurement: What is the Height and Weight of Maceo Williams?

The least shocking thing about Maceo Williams is undoubtedly this. He stands tall. He needs to practice self-control and take care of his body because he is an athlete if he wants to succeed in basketball. Basketball players in the pros are frequently tall. Maceo is a little bit higher than the 6 Feet 6 Inches (198.6 cm) that NBA players typically stand. He is 6 feet 7 inches tall (200.6 cm).

Maceo Williams6
Maceo Williams practising in court (Source: Twitter @MaceoWilliams4)

According to, the man is a heavyweight athlete who weighs 220 lbs (99.79 kg). He benefits greatly from his weight when playing on the court. He may bully through their defense and use it to confront his opponents.

What is the Professional Career of Maceo Williams?

Let’s now discuss the reason why Maceo is already somewhat famous, namely basketball. At such an early age, man is already carving out a name for himself. And if he keeps up this pace, it won’t be long before he leaves the same legacy as some of the best basketball players, including James Harden and Stephen Curry. So what exactly has he accomplished in court thus far? You can see a player wearing number 20 performing spectacular feats throughout any Ashland Eagles game.

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He is already well-liked by many people and is a forward who is praised for his ability to run the floor and maneuver around the hoop. At the time this article was published, he had a career best of 26 points and 8 rebounds. On the opening day of the Ferris State Thanksgiving Classic in 2022, Maceo set this record. His high school basketball is remarkable, as well as his collegiate basketball. According to Go Ashland Eagles, he averaged 13 points and six rebounds per game while playing for Gahanna Lincoln throughout his prep career. He gained more success in his senior year, receiving an honorable mention from the whole Central Division I.

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