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Quick Facts

Fuschia Sumner is a well-known British actress and director who has acted in a number of films. In addition, she, like her sister Eliot Sumner, is a superb singer. In Marvel’s Logan, they performed a poignant song called “Amazing Grace.” Fuschia is the daughter of Sting, a well-known rock band bassist. She made her debut as Diana in the 2005 film “One You’re Born, You Can No Longer Hide.” She went on to act for over a decade until directing a film in 2021 called “Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men.”

What is the Net worth of Fuschia Summer?

Fuschia Sumner ‘s net worth has been estimated to be around $800,000. Despite the fact that her career is still on the rise, her annual net worth appears to be something that people aren’t interested in. Sumner also makes a living through directing, acting, and modeling. As a result, she gets a monthly salary of about $42,000.

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Fuschia Sumner breakfast dress Via. Instagram

Early Life and Family

Fuschia Kate Sumner is her full name. Her birthday is April 17, 1982, and she was born in the English capital of London. Sumner is currently 39 years old. Furthermore, Fuschia is the daughter of Sting, whose full name is Gordon Matthew Sumner, and Frances Tomelty, a well-known rock bassist. This actress has also stated that her mother, Frances, is an influence to her.

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Are Eliot Sumner and Fuschia Sumner Related?

Both Eliot and Fuschia Sumner are sisters. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE (Sting) is the father of six children, two of them are his blood daughters, Eliot and Fuchsia.

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Fuschia Sumner and her Dad STING Via. Instagram

Where did Fuschia Receive her Education?

Sumner attended school in London until she was sixteen years old. Following that, she spent two years in a boarding school in Dorst. Fuschia took a year off after finishing her studies. She wanted to make the most of her time in order to gain as much experience as possible. As a result, she went all over the world, eventually arriving in New York. She did, however, make a pit stop there to attend her Summer Acting in a Film class. Fuschia also attended Bristol University and earned a Drama and English Literature degree.

How did Sumner Begin her Career?

While at university, Fuschia participated in a number of theater programs and auditions. She stayed in London for two years after finishing her degree, auditioning and acting in various film distribution businesses. Her debut role was in the film “Once You’re Born, You Can No Longer Hide,” in which she played Diana. Saving Mr. Banks, in which she played a flight attendant; Billionaire Boys Club, in which she played Salesgirl; and a Tuscan Sunset, in which she portrayed Katrin, are all notable films.

Finally, she served as the director of “Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men.” Her first acting gig, at the age of 11, was in a radio drama called “Echoes in the Park.” In addition, Fuschia Sumner and her sister Eliot Sumner sang “Amazing Grace” in the Marvel film Logan.

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Who is the Boyfriend of Fuschia Sumner?

This 39-year-old actress prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight. She has successfully kept her personal life low-key and free of rumors. As a result, it’s difficult to discern if Fuschia is single or married. Her wedding, husband, or children have yet to be announced.

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Fuschia Sumner and her dad Via Instagram

Social Media and Body Measurement

Fuschia Sumner has a number of social media accounts. The username (@fuschiakate) is her Instagram handle. Sumner also has over 10.5 thousand followers on Twitter. She frequently updates her followers about her family and prospective film ventures. Sumner’s true height, eye color, and weight have yet to be made public. However, based on her physical characteristics, she has a thin body type. Aries is Fuschia’s zodiac sign, and her natural hair color is light brown.

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