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Dolly Olivia Howar is a renowned celebrity family member. She is the daughter of two famous personalities. Ruthie Henshall is her mother whereas Tim Howar is her father.

Ruthie is a popular actress, singer, and dancer.  She is also a contestant for the 20th season of “I’m A Celebrity”. Recently, she is in controversies for revealing about her sex sessions with Prince Edward in the 1990s.

Tim is also an actor and singer. He is associated with the band, Mike + The Mechanics. He divorced from Ruthie in 2009 and is currently married to the musical director, Jodie Oliver.

10 Facts on Dolly Olivia Howar

  1. Dolly Olivia Howar is a popular celebrity child. She is the child of actors, Ruthie Henshall, and Tim Howar.
  2. The girl does not have a Wikipedia or IMDb. However, some of her biofacts are available on the internet.
  3. Moving on, the actual nationality of Olivia is English. She was born in Ipswich, England..
  4. Born in 2005, Dolly cuts the cake on the 14th of January. As per maths, she is 15 years old and is a Capricorn as per the sun sign.
  5. Olivia has good genes and thus she is beautiful. Moreover, she has the perfect height and weight for a teenager.
  6. The relationship status of Howar is not clear. However, as per her bio, she is so in love with Matt Healy. Besdies, not many details are revealed.
  7. Dolly was born to an amazing family. Ruthie Henshall and Tim Howar are her parents. They are separated and Jodie Oliver is her step-mom.
  8. Furthermore, Olivia has lovely siblings. Lily Amalia is her biological sister whereas Hamish Howar is her step-brother.
  9. There is no info about Howar’s career. She lives a lavishing life but her net worth and job details are unknown.
  10. The girl is active on Instagram. She has two accounts by the username of @papa_rasca and @dollys_priv.
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Facts of Dolly Olivia Howar

Name Dolly Olivia Howar
Birthday January 14, 2005
Age 15 years
Gender Female
Nationality English
Parents Ruthie Hemshall and Tim Howar
Siblings Lily Amalia and Hamish
Instagram @papa_rasca and @dollys_priv
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