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Cyrinda Foxe is a well-known figure who rose to prominence as an actress in Andy Warhol’s Bad in 1977. She appeared in music videos, documentaries, and TV shows rather than movies. David:Bowie: The Jean Genie, Best of Bowie, Top Ten, and Breaking the Bad are among her well-known work.

Born Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian in Santa Monica, she changed her identity in 1970 to join the New York City nightclub scene. Foxe has worked as an actress, model, and member of the bands New York Dolls and Rolling Stone. Cyrinda passed away in 2002 as a result of a brain tumor. Let us now look at her biography.

What was the net worth of Cyrinda Foxe?

Cyrinda Foxe had a net worth of $1.5 million before her death. Furthermore, as an actor in the 1990s, she earned an average pay of $528. Furthermore, the mother has numerous luxuries, which she has now passed on to her daughter Mia Tyler.

What was Cyrinda Foxe Born?

Cyrinda was born Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian on February 22, 1952. Her birthplace is Santa Monica, California, USA, and she died at the age of 50. Every 22nd of February, the lady would celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, her natal sign was Pisces. Foxe holds an American nationality and belongs to the Armenian ethnicity. Moreover, the actress always believed in Christ since she adopted Christianity as her religion.

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Who are Cyrinda Foxe Parents?

Cyrinda Foxe never stated the identity of her parents or siblings. However, she constantly acknowledged the unhappiness and violence she suffered throughout her upbringing. Foxe had a terrible childhood experience as she grew up as an army brat in an abusive family. Her parents exhibited harsh conduct against her.

Where Did Cyrinda Foxe Complete Her Education?

Cyrinda has completed her studies up to high school. According to the sources, the woman finished her high school graduation and left her home. She then resided in Texas for months and relocated to New York City. Foxe changed her true name from Kathleen to Cyrinda and started to become a part of New York’s nightlife crowd in 1970.

How was Cyrinda Foxe’s Career Like?

The teenage lady who left her home and started living alone in New York City worked at a Nightclub, Max’s Kansas City. Later, she was discovered by some producers and directors and was launched as a lead actor in Andy Warhol’s ‘Bad’ in 1977. Foxe was then connected with American Rock Band Rolling Stone and collaborated with ‘The New York Dolls.’

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American Actress Cyrinda Foxe

The following year, the lady married New York Doll’s frontman, David Johansen. Eventually, she acquired access to become a team member of the management. Furthermore, Foxe wrote her book “Dream On” and started her website in 2000.

Who is Cyrinda Foxe Spouse?

Cyrinda Foxe married thrice throughout her lifetime. However, she was in an affair with David Bowie in the 1970s. Foxe worked at Famed Nightclub Max’s Kansas City, where she and David met and started dating. Additionally, the lady fell pregnant with her first kid with David Bowie but had an abortion.

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Cyrinda Foxe with her husband Steven Tyler and Daughter Mia Tyler

She then exchanged her wedding vows with her first husband, David Johansen, in 1973. He was the frontman for the New York Dolls. However, she met and came closer through David with Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler. Even though Cyrinda was already in a marital relationship with David, she was participating in an affair with Steven.

As a result, the couple broke their relationship after four years of marriage in 1977. Cyrinda Foxe thereafter married Steven Tyler on the 1st of September 1978 and gave birth to a daughter named Mia Tyler. Foxe gave birth to Mia on the 22nd of December 1978. She is currently an established American actress.

Learn more about Cyrinda Foxe’s  ex Husband Steven Tyler

Why Did Cyrinda and Steven Separated?

Cyrinda left David Johansen to marry Steven Tyler. However, in the first couple months, the two enjoyed a very nice existence. But soon, the marriage life was disturbed by drug addiction, adulterous encounters and domestic abuse. As a result, the pair split soon before Aerosmith had a return in the 1980s. They reached a divorce agreement in November 1987.

Furthermore, Foxe has authored a book Tell-all memoir, “Dream On,” but encountered disputes and controversies. According to the reports, their ex-wife of Steven said that the paperback edition of her book includes the naked picture of Steven Tyler. She has been negatively despised by Aerosmith fans and initiated a lawsuit against Foxe.

What is Cyrinda Foxe Cause of Death?

After divorcing Steven, Foxe married her partner Keith Waa on the 28th of August 2002. He was the final man who stayed with Cyrinda till her death. Initially, the actress discovered a tumor on her brain in 2001, which incapacitated her partially. And on the 7th of September 2002, Foxe died from brain cancer at 51 years.

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Steven Tyler Posted a Happy Birthday Post remembering Cyrinda Via. Steven Instagram

After her passing, her ex-husband Steven Tyler posted her portrait on his Instagram, remembering her on her 66th Birthday. He named her “Jean Geanie” and mentioned the beautiful days when the two were together. Also, when Foxe experienced her first stroke in 2001, Tyler paid her hospital fees and gave his Aerosmith guitar selling it for $5000. Steven financed the funeral fees after Cyrinda died at Gramercy Park Hotel.

What was Cyrinda Foxe Height?

Foxe has an average height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs roughly 55 kg. The lady has a nice appearance with a finely created body figure. Moreover, her captivating brown eyes and long wavy blonde hair were enough to draw anyone in her affection.

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