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Quick Facts of Choi Joon-hyuk

Profession Celebrity husband
Full Name Choi Joon-hyuk
Birthplace South Korea
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Christianity
Nationality Korean
Marital Status Divorced
Girlfriend Jun Ji Hyun
Relationship History Yes
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black

Choi Joon-hyuk is a typical citizen of Korea who also happens to be married to a famous person. His rise to prominence coincided with his wedding to Jun Ji-Hyun, the lovely woman he had been dating for a long time. He hasn’t been too forthcoming with information regarding himself. Ji-Hyun is a well-known model and actress from South Korea. She has been recognized with a number of awards, including two Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress as well as a Daesang for Television at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

What is the net worth of  Choi Joon-hyuk?

Because Joon-Hyuk is a very private guy, he has made a point to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and away from the media. In addition to this, his internet and social media profiles are not accessible to the general public. . Despite this, she has amassed a significant fortune throughout the course of her acting career thanks to the source of income that she has. In addition to this, she has a net worth of $6 million.


The Timeline of Joon-Married Hyuk’s Life

In April of 2012, Choi Joon Hyuk and her spouse Jun Ji Hyun, who is not a member of the celebrity world, tied the knot. In addition, the ceremony for their wedding was held at the Shilla Hotel located in the Jangchung-dong province of Seoul, South Korea.

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hoi Joon-hyuk and Jun Ji Hyun taking a selfie photo while spending time together
Photo Source: Kdramastars

After some time, Joon-Hyuk and Ji Hyun became parents to two children, both of whom were given the male genitalia by their respective families. Choi is the grandson of Lee Young Hee, a famous hanbok designer, and the son of Lee Jung Woo. Choi was named after his grandfather.

The Status of Choi and Jun’s Divorce

After reports of her alleged separation from her husband Joon-Hyuk spread like wildfire, the Korean actress Ji Hyun became the talk of the town. It all started when the hosts of the Garo Sero Institute YouTube channel made the announcement that the pair was no longer together. Because Jun’s spouse has already moved out of their shared residence, she does not want the divorce proceedings to proceed any further. In addition, it is uncertain what led to the end of their relationship, and both parties have evolved throughout this time. The actress from Legend of the Blue Sea is against getting a divorce on paper because she believes it will be detrimental to her career. She hid the fact that she was getting divorced so that she could continue her lucrative projects, ads, and other brand endeavors.

Choi Joon-hyuk2
Choi Joon-hyuk and Jun Ji Hyun got spotted in public while walking on the street
Photo Source: Kbizoom

Because of their two children together, Jun and Joon Hyuk have a poor reputation in the band, so it is doubtful that they will split. On the other hand, rumors have it that her spouse is planning to file for divorce as a result of the affair he has been having. There have been whispers about the couple divorcing, and Choi has already left the house they shared as a married couple. Couple was given a period of six months in which to work through their issues and make their marriage stronger.

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The Challenges Facing Jun Ji Hyun After Her Separation

Choi was having sexual relations with another woman at the same time. Concerned about the future, his wife was hesitant to file for divorce alongside him. It was a source of anxiety for her that it could put her business partnerships at risk. There was a risk of legal trouble for Jun if the companies she worked for were subjected to adverse publicity as a result of events that occurred in her personal life. She hopes that this matter can be resolved without bringing an excessive amount of attention to herself. To get away from this predicament, Ji-Hyun is giving serious thought to leaving the country and starting a new life somewhere else. It would appear that more and more people are becoming interested in it every day. She has denied the reports by stating that her plans to divorce are “groundless.”

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