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Studied Electronics Engineering at Texas A&M University

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Austen Snares is a performer and a gadgets engineer by calling. He is the ex of entertainer Margo Harshman. His ex showed up in the well known show The Theory of the universe’s origin for some time and assumed the part of Sheldon’s associate Alex.

Snares electronic designing abilities generally rotates around making Projector Amps and enhancer. He has likewise been essential for a music band called Burglary and The Valentines. He plays drums in the Burglary. We should gain proficiency with somewhat more about Margo’s ex.

Net Worth

Austen Snares’ assessed total assets is $1 Million, like therapist Solveig Karadottir. Notwithstanding, a few sources hypothesize it very well may be more. Snares’ fundamental kind of revenue is music. Other than visiting with the band, he is additionally an electronic designer and makes Projector Amps, quite possibly of the most famous speaker utilized today.

Snares’ ex Margo Harshman has a total assets of $6 Million, and her fundamental kind of revenue is acting. The greatest achievement she has found in acting is effectively Disney’s Fair and square which probably paid her truckload of cash. Other than that, she has additionally worked in other well known shows like NCIS, The Theory of prehistoric cosmic detonation, and Present day Family.

Plus, they haven’t uncovered a lot of about their abundance separated from a couple of things they possessed during their separation settlement. TMZ reports that they resided in LA at that point, which is a costly spot to live. He used to possess a 2000 Toyota Tundra as his vehicle and furthermore a couple of guns.

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Austen Hooks Failed Marriage To Margo Harshman

Austen Snares’ union with Margo Harshman didn’t go as he would have needed. Their marriage just went on for a short period, having secured the bunch in 2017 and finishing it on November 29, 2018. Indeed, even prior to separating, the two had isolated two months prior.

Snares and Harshman have hushed up about their marriage and kept up with mystery. In this way, the data on how they met and the purpose for their separation still needs to be found.

Hooks Is An Electronics Engineer

The big name ex, Snares, is a hardware engineer by calling. He additionally is associated with music. His affection for those two drove him to make Projector Amps and offers that to make a living today. Projector Amps have been really well known and utilized by various artists today while performing.

Projector Amps is a speaker made with the assistance of old film projectors and is viewed as perhaps of the best-sounding enhancer in the market today. Margo’s ex Snares doesn’t simply make the customary enhancers; he changes and mods them to make them stunningly better.

Snares rendition of Projector Amps has been really famous with many individuals, yet some think the alternate way. It is a result of the things he mods. He changes the transformer of the Amps, which many accept to be the underpinning of this enhancer. Subsequently, some aren’t aficionados of his speakers.

Musical career

Austen Snares makes music hardware as well as loves performing himself. However he generally is about guitars and enhancers today, there was a period he used to play drums for a band. He had for a long time needed to have music and was even impact of a band.

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Austen was important for a band in Secondary School. Natalie Cook Clark for Katy magazine referenced in the article that he was fifteen years of age when he played drums at his secondary school band in Katy Secondary School.

Snares used to be the drummer of the three-man band called Robbery. The other two individuals from the band are Daley Hake and Matt McCartie. The band has even made a couple of tunes and played out an initial represent The Ideology in their show.

It still needs to be known whether Austen is still essential for the band. Other than that, he has additionally worked with numerous different groups like The Valentines, The Fieros, Pilot Radio, and Alpha Fire up.



Austen Snares has a shaggy companion, and he is a canine named Slug. Separating from Margo Harshman hasn’t made him alone, as the labradoodle is a piece of his loved ones. You can see the amount Snares love Slug by taking a gander at the quantity of pictures on his Insta page. After intensifiers, Shot is the one that has involved his Insta page.

Nonetheless, sometime in the past Snares might have lost Slug to the Harshman. At the point when he separated from The Theory of the universe’s origin entertainer during the settlement, she had requested numerous things, one of them being the guardianship of Shot. The authority results are not accessible to general society, yet we can accept he won on account of Shot, as the two of them live respectively.


Margo Harshman’s ex Snares educated electronic designing at Texas A&M College. Seems like he needed to learn it, as he even quit performing for a band while concentrating on electrical designing. It turned out great, as his electronic designing abilities have been given something to do to make Projector Amps well known among numerous music specialists.

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Prior to joining Texas A&M College, Austen learned at Katy Secondary School. He set his affection for music to work while he concentrated on there as he was essential for the band as a drummer there. Besides the fact that he played drums, yet he has additionally composed melodies with his bandmates.

Social media

Discussing Snares virtual entertainment presence, he is dynamic on Instagram and Twitter. His Insta and Twitter pages are @austenhooks and @AustenHooks, separately. You can refresh yourself on his life through these stages.

In any case, Austen has been dormant on Twitter for some time now, however he routinely posts on his Instagram. Since he makes enhancers, the greater part of his posts on the stage are likewise about that. Aside from that, he is playing around with his companions, going to visits, and investing energy with his canine, Projectile.

About Margo Harshman

Snares’ ex, Margo Harshman, is an American entertainer from San Diego, California. She is known for her job in Brownish Dignitary in Even Stevens as a youngster entertainer. Other than that, she has showed up in various other Programs too.

Harshman went gaga for acting quite early in life. Her IMDb page says that she began performing at age two and at last handled her a job in Disney’s show Even Stevens close by Shia Labeouf.

Tragically, Margo’s profession never truly took off external Disney. She has been associated with various famous shows like NCIS, The Theory of how things came to be, and Present day Family, yet her work on these shows was restricted.

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