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Troy Garity: Quick Facts

Full Name Troy O’ Donovan Garity Hayden
Date of Birth 1973/07 /07
Age 48 years old
Birthplace Los Angeles, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Parents American
Nationality 1973/07 /07
Nickname Garity
Marital Status Married
Profession Actor
Spouse Simone Bent
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Height 6’2″
Net Worth $10 million
Online Presence Twitter, Instagram
Last Update  May2022

When we think of the film Soldier’s Girl, the name Troy Garity comes to mind. For the same film, he was even nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Aside from that, he is well-known for his barbershop work. Don’t worry if you don’t know who he is or have a general concept of who he is; we’ll give you some details. Troy O’ Donovan Garity Hayden was born in Los Angeles on July 7, 1973. Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda are his parents’ names. Troy’s mother is an actress, and his father is a political activist, so he comes from an acting family. His two sisters are Mary Luana Williams and Vanessa Vadim. He is of American nationality, although his ethnicity is mixed.

What is the  Net Worth of Troy Garity?

Troy Garity  has been in pretty successful movies like Barbershop, Perfume, etc. According to sources, Garity’s net worth is around $10million. It is basically from his acting career, be it in movies or TV shows.

But we have sadly no idea about his salary. What we do know is the fact that he is a cat and a dog lover and owns them with great pleasure. Not only this, but he’s a travel freak and tends to post pictures with his love over social media platforms.

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Body Measurements and Age

Troy was born in 1973, thus he is currently 48 years old. He is 6’2″ in height, but his weight is unknown to the general public. His large stature and muscular build have enabled him to play a variety of roles and do them successfully. Aside from that, his dark brown eyes and black hair seem to fit his professional calm and poised nature.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Troy grew up in Los Angeles and spent the majority of his youth there. His grandfather, Henry Fonda, is a great actor, therefore this exceptional man comes from an acting family. His parents were well-versed in acting, so he knew what he was doing. From his early life, the majority of his needs were met .However, he had always acted in his mind when it came to his educational background, therefore he attended the schools that would propel him to success. He used to go to Art Camps when he was a kid. This gifted man joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of 21. He also acted in a variety of productions to feed his acting appeti

Do you know about the Troy Garity’s Professional Life ?

When Troy initially worked in a documentary show called Introduction to the Enemy, which aired in 1974, he had a hit-or-miss career. Moving on, he had minor roles in the 1996 films Cherokee Kid and Conspiracy Theory.

When he landed a role in Steal This Movie in the year 2000, things changed for him. Garity did a fantastic job in Bandits, Perfume, and his biggest role yet in the 2002 film Bartender. Besides all of these additional successful movies include the like of A Soldier’s Girl, Barbershop and its sequel also.

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Troy is an ever-improving actor who hails from the acting background, and it feels like there is more and more to come shortly. We will surely keep you all updated if something new pops out of the circuit.

Moreover in 2021, Troy played the role of Jessie in Punky Brewster.

Troy Garity Wife

Troy is ruling a lot of heart which his acting and also surely with his killer looks. The loving ladies might keenly be focused on this sector of his life. But sadly, we have to say the fact that he is taken. This Perfume actor walked down the aisle with Simone Bent.

Troy Garity1
Troy and Simone,Source;Instagram

Both of the lovebirds met around 2015 and got engaged the following year in 2016. They had a pretty decent bond that tends to turn their engagement towards the wedding. On 27th August 2017, they tied their weddings at St Paul’s Chapel in Columbia University.

After their marriage, they are well into flaunting their love life in front of all the media and the public. Even after two years of their wedding, though they don’t bear a child. We feel that they are more focused on their career at this point and want to plan their family with great focus.

Chicago 7

The Chicago 7 are seven anti-Vietnam War demonstrators on trial for allegedly inciting a riot on purpose. Tom Hayden, Troy Gravity’s father, was one of the defendants. Hayden was a politician and political activist. He sought for political office multiple times after the Chicago 7 trial, obtaining seats in both the California Assembly and the California Senate.

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Moreover, he established the Indochina Peace Campaign and wrote several books and articles.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 54.4k followers

Twitter– 8617 followers

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